Users of Multi-Screens

When People tell me about all the great things multiple monitors has done for them, I often chuckle just a bit because they hadn’t found out sooner the overall impact of Multi-Screens functionality. There’s nothing like have a dual monitor wallpaper to stretch out on and relax knowing that I’m not overlooking anything. After all time is money right? Who wants to tell the boss that they spent the day shuffling through papers? Well that’s more or less what is going on when you have to toggle to and fro from one window to the next, while using a single monitor computer.

It’s only when someone gets a multiple monitor computer do they ever really get set free. Free from the headache of squinting eyes trying to pry through the fields of tabs or windows in the task bar. Having a multi screen application has freed me from such head trauma and I have since found the meaning of life on the Internet. It’s not necessarily all about multi-tasking or even the extended ease of use that you gain when you have dual monitor software. Mainly it has given me the option to look further than I had ever gone before by giving me another window to work withI think many people would imagine a dual monitor setup to be expensive or even high tech, but in fact it really isn’t all that difficult to set up and experience your favorite dual monitor backgrounds. Desktop PC’s have become a staple in our home, office and for many life even. Why not go ahead and take a step forward and turn your single monitor computer into a Multi-monitor display that can add light and art to your space.

I often think of those people that use trading computers to make their living. I bet it sure is nice to sit at home and watch CNBC all day and make thousands of dollars in the process. Having spoken to a many of them, it originally surprised me that even they don’t use multi monitor software to get their wall of stocking monitors up and going. In fact many of them start just I did buy adding just one extra monitor with a dual monitor cable of some sort. Some are OK but there’s really only one worth spending your hard earned money on and that’s the Matrox adapter available for free shipping at Sometimes I think that they were born with a multi monitor taskbar because they specialize in setting up dual monitors on virtually any computer still ticking.

Without Multi-monitor displays myself, I wouldn’t get near as much stuff done because I run so many applications at once. Excel spreadsheets, blog site surfing and reading, email inbox, recording software open and ready to catch my newest little tune. Not to mention allot of unnecessary stuff to like gossip pages or latest nonsense the world media shoves down our throats on a regular basis. Even-though I may not always appreciate such things, I still get drawn to them like many people do. I guess overall it can be entertaining too. Nevertheless I wouldn’t have the time to pay any attention to these things important to me if wasn’t for my triple monitor stand. Every since I got my triple monitor setup going I can do about 50% more than I did with the Dual Monitor system I had from years past.