Set Up A Multi-Monitor PC

In this article we’re going to go over how to connect a second monitor to your computer. A Multiple Monitor display are a must for people who like to work on several documents simultaneously. Often video editors and graphics professionals ones who need to expand their screen real estate, but in today’s fast paced culture, everyone benefits from a multiple monitor setup.

Most graphics cards today support multiple monitors. Trading Computers use many of these type of cards. If yours doesn’t, inexpensive dual monitor video cards from companies such as ATI and NVidia are ideal choices. You can buy dual monitors for about $300 each with a special stand included, but if you want to keep using the computer monitor you already have, try to get a matching monitor of similar size and shape.

Many cards come with two different types of outputs. A standard analog video connector, and a digital DVI connector. If the monitors you’re using come with a VGA plug you’ll need to use a DVI to analog adapter, which should come with your new graphics card.

Before installing a new card, back up your PC. It’s always a good safety precaution.

Next uninstall the drivers from the old graphics card. To protect your computers sensitive electronics, make sure you first ground yourself by touching a metal object or by wearing an anti static wrist strap.

Once this is done, shut your PC and unplug it. Open the case and remove the old card and install the new one. Once the new card is installed, plug the power cable back in, connect both monitors, and start the PC. The PC will recognize the new card and install the drivers.

Initially the same image will appear on each monitor, but by going to the Display Control Panel and selecting Settings, you can extend the size of your desktop over both monitors. The horizontal screen resolution will double. You can now drag application windows from one monitor to the other with ease, and run programs side by side.

Installation of a new card with dual monitor display takes about a half an hour. If you purchased a new card as well as a second monitor, cost for the project can run from $300 to $900 and up. However, having multiple monitors is like having a bigger desk. It makes it easier to get more done.