Reason why I love using a multiple monitor computer

Reasons I love my Multiple Monitor Computer:

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Multi Tasking needs flow, in order to be productive. As a smart business owner would say, “time is money.” That being said, it’s only wise to value time, and time spent over viewing process and production. Advantages to having a Dual Monitor display is twice that of a single monitor system. The first time I added an additional monitor to my pc, giving it Dual Screens displaying my favorite sites in their respected entirety, I learned quickly that separate screens give you individual workspace for multiple applications. That can be crucial to overall productivity time. Multi-Screens and/or Multi-Monitors literally multiplied my productivity.

Viewing a multi-monitor set up is going to give you more workable resolution. Some programs/windows may have conflicting resolutions when trying to view multiple applications on a single monitor. With a Multi-Monitor Display arranging all my windows relieved me from the daunting task of toggling through applications by means of minimizing and maximizing each tab or window. Back in the day of single monitor computing, toggling through Multi-Screen Displays (without a Multiple Monitor capable computer), slowed my productivity down to a headache. Multiple monitors displaying multiple windows enabled my computer to handle all of my multiple tasks without bogging down the pc and my time.

Sharing resolution in multiple monitors actually gave me a larger viewing area regardless of the smaller size displays, compared to the time I tried using my HDTV. When I maximized a window, my computer would freeze up for several seconds. Sometimes an entire application will freeze up and goes into that “Not responding” mode. Exploring Google Earth in Dual Screen

mode while watching a movie in another, and viewing local Real Estate listings in another gave my day a whole new meaning. Only Multi-Monitor Displays could handle all my productive eyes needed to see.


I even considered hooking up my 42’ LCD to pc. However good it looked on paper, the reality didn’t fair as well as I hoped. My Quad Display gave me even better resolution than my single Big Screen TV could dividing it’s resolution across a single display. Once you get a Multi-Screen Display on your desk, you will wonder how you ever did without it. Toggling through Multiple displays without my old single core processor computer sometimes slowed my productivity down until I upped to a Super PC. Ultimately, video is preferred on a large single monitor. Other times you may need more resolution than an HDTV can offer.

Trading Computers used by stockbrokers generally have Multiple Displays to show multiple, always-moving quote charts simultaneously. Watching charts and researching the next move has made many people billions of dollars. Many people don’t know that they too can have a Trading Computer in their home or office.

Imagine designing a house with only one window with which to see the outside world. Then add three more windows displaying a different direction. Go figure. Multiple Monitor Displays enabled my computer to handle all of my multiple windows without bogging down the pc and my time.


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