Office Displays

Nothing like the comfort one can experience sitting in their favorite chair at home, all while it is cold and rainy outside. No better time to have a home PC that supports multiple monitors. Having that ability to become completely consumed by the shiny glimpses of light we see on the information superhighway. When you can sit back and gaze into that abyss of ones and zero’s culminating into useful bits of information produced in multi-screens. Most of the time the PC is on there’s one of two things displaying. 1) our favorite picture for example, family photo, picture of Jack and Diane, Maxim screen saver, etc.. Or on the other hand you have 2) which is generally whatever you have been working on before you left the desk, which could include /but not limited to, open Internet Browser displaying news headlines or NETFLIX, Rent movies from Netflix.” Now imagine that you have a dual monitor wallpaper and the panoramic view of the majestic cliffs and beaches along the US West Coast.

If you haven’t already, whenever you do finally get a multiple monitor computer on your home living room, you will have a new fancy for delivering a multi screendisplay in your home, and that does look good with the right taste. So if you still have one of those single monitor thingies get with the program! Don’t worry! It’s not like you’ll have to go out and spend a fortune to buy some type of Indonesian dual monitor software to get a dual monitor setup going. To get those dual monitor backgroundsthat your aunt-in-law Harriott will want to write home about. Well that may sound a little like wishful thinking because you’ll probably want at least some type of multi-monitor display going on. Consistent distract from what they really came to grip about is your only mission soldier!

If your still reading this just take a minute to imagine having one of those fancy trading computers with a multi monitor taskbargoing on in your private home office. Imagine that you had some type of multi monitor software that allowed you to see all angles around your house. Talking about in home security, cause there’s just no telling what your neighbors do when they think your not looking.

Setting up dual monitorsis fairly easy as long as your have a pc that was manufactured sometime after 2005 or so. Don’t worry. You’re not going to need to call the Geek-squad. Just go to and get ou one of those dual monitor cable thingies they have and that old monitor or new one if you can dare to invest more. For best results get a dual monitor video card, then all you need to do is plug it up and set it up through your Display Properties in the Windows operating system. If you have any non hardware related questions refer to my “Setting up Dual Monitor system in Windows” post.

For true eye popping astonishment, you’ll need some multi-monitor displays perked up on at least a triple monitor display and for best overall appearance get a triple monitor stand to insure good symetry.

The and only then can you enjoy the blissfull relaxing inner confidence of knowing you can do research on multiple things at once. Or multiple aspects of the same study. your wisdom can actually grow multiple times faster depending on your information delivery system or at least that’s how I feel. Two eyes are bette than one, two ears are better than one, two heads are better than one, and two monitors are better than one. Now enjoy the great videos of the multiple screen advantage.