New York offers it’s 2 Cents on Digital Signage Displays.

NEC-LCD8205New York offers important lessons for Digital Signage Displays.

Often hailed as “the last mile of a marketing program”, Digital Signage offers more cost-effectiveness, flexibility and control of product and service selection on location. Many retailers such as Nike, McDonald’s, Safeway, Sears, Malls, Theaters, Clubs, Bars, and virtually any marketplace where capturing the attention is like grabbing money out of thin air.

“Build it and they will come” is the motto in New York. With an estimated $149 billion annual investment into advertising, advertising with digital signage is becoming increasingly more popular as pressure to get more results from advertisers continues to grow.

The shear numbers speak for themselves. With a overall rates of $2-6 CPM (cost per thousand) make digital signage an inexpensive media buy. Right now is the best time to get in because products that are profiles are realizing revenue increases of 30% across the board, and ranges form 109% for soft drinks and 319% for a new calling card. Large LCD signage in bank teller lines results in customer inquiries about new services. That being said bargain prices for such advertising is sure to rise significantly.

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Use wireless networking for total reliability and zero content loss in performance.

Wireless networking can be effective for digital signage especially in highly obstructive environments. WiFi-Plus Inc. provided reliable, secure and cost effective connectivity for the 80 New York street level LED panels like the one you see above. It was the only option for NYC however it has proven totally reliable with zero content drop performance.

“Cost effective, reliable, fully secure and interactive image transport done wirelessly by satellite has long been used for Interactive Distant Learning and business television applications” said Larry Steinman, President and CEO of BTV+, which is contracted by some of America’s largest organizations to deliver interactive content to more than 13,000 locations in the USA, Canada and Mexico.