New Multiple Monitor Owner Professes Love at 1st byte!

New Multiple Monitor Owner Professes Love at 1st byte!

I recently purchased a new computer from, which is the home of the computer brand, Super PC. I have been eyeing one of their multi-monitor displays for some time now as I do a lot of multi-tasking on my day trading computer i.e., multi-tabling poker play, video gaming, and I enjoy having the extra work space on my multiple monitors so I am not constantly switching back and forth from window to window on the task-bar. I purchased their Nuclear Workstation Computer. The one I purchased supports up to 6 monitors and is a beauty of a machine.

I had several questions in regards to technology specifications as I wasn’t completely versed in the extensive requirements for multi-monitor capabilities. After reviewing the site for a while and reading their FAQ I had specific additional questions for the configuration of my new PC. Dan at customer service was very quick responding to my email inquiry and was very courteous and knowledgeable. He helped guide me through the entire process of setting up multiple monitors, and directed me to their video page to help me understand the process better, and explained several different system setups all the while never making me feel like I was wasting his time. Together we were able to help narrow
down my choices for the type of specs I wanted and from there I made my purchase.

When I made my purchase I was quoted a build and shipping time of 2-3 business days and unlike some other larger PC manufactures (who I won’t name in this review) I actually received a shipping confirmation within the estimated time frame. I received my multiple monitor computer in perfect working order, in professional packing which impressed me very much. I had no problem setting everything up correctly
and the PC came pre-configured for plug and play ease of use.

I started out thinking that I was only going to be able to purchase a dual monitor video card (due to budget constraints) but it wasn’t as expensive as I thought and now I am in love with this new multi-monitor setup! I plan on purchasing another multi monitor video card from in the very near future, giving my multi-monitor display an additional dual monitor wallpaper. I have played a few games on the computer and have to say I have just fallen in absolute love with it. The computer looks great, operates perfectly and I will be heading back to Super PC for my next computer and recommend them to anyone looking for a dual monitor adapter, a triple monitor computer on up to any other kind of new multi screen variation.

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