New DirectX 11 video graphics technology for your Computers Monitor

With the new DirectX 11 API and a full range of DX11 cards available; many of which have been the talk of the industry long before their release, ATI is set to take your computer monitors to a whole new dimension. With a new line up of benefits ranging from 3D thread dispatch, more efficient shared memory, and up to 33% more simultaneous threads for better performance.

direct10 vs 11

APIs (application programming interface) are an interface implemented by a software program to enable interaction with other software, similar to the way a user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers and in historically, DX10 has been a challenge for game programmers to work with. DX11 is focused on taking the lessons learned from the past and shaped them into a much more efficient API which will demand less system resources while being easier to develop for.

“The specifications alone on the HD5870 is a technological marvel considering it packs all of the rendering potential of ATI’s past flagship card and then some while not being saddled by an inefficient dual processor design. Considering that this new card could effectively double the performance of a HD 4890 just a few months after that card’s release is nothing short of stunning.” says Michael “SKYMTL” Hoeing, a tech reviewer for Hardware Canucks.

Radeon 5850

Since the release of ATI’s new 5000-series DX11 GPU’s, the world has had a love affair amid a swarm of positive reviews. ATI’s new product showed itself to be one of the best currently on the market while including some great new features as well. It is said that the HD 5850 is making the biggest splash in the GPU market pool than any single chip flagship.

Here’s a look at the current line up of ATI multi head video cards and as you can probably tell by the chart here, all the cards are good performers.

ATI 5000 series Comparison Chart

Unlike the past versions of DirectX, DX11 is moving past the purely graphics-based uses of the API and pushing towards being the lynch-pin of an entire processing ecosystem. Beginning with the power which DirectX Compute will bring to the table. Not only does it increase efficiency of physics processing and in-game NPC (non-player character) intelligence by transferring those operations to the GPU but it also be used to accelerate non-3d applications.

With all this GPU power it will be nothing less than spectacular views especially when using ATI’s CrossFireX in conjunction with the Hydravision multi-monitor management software that enables you to more efficiently use the screen space available to your PC, and customize your PC desktop space to the way you work or play. Organize multiple applications across dual monitors.

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