NEC’s 82″ LCD | It’s Kind Of A Big Deal.


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With stunning graphics this LCD Displays size is second only to it’s massive expression. At an astounding 82″ of diagonal real estate you can enhance an image to new horizons. This professional-grade display delivers big-screen performance and capabilities for your corporate and digital signage applications. I landscape mode it provides an active screen area of almost six feet in width and more than three feet in height. That is sure to capture the attention both near and far. With a full high-definition resolution, lightning-quick response times, the widest possible viewing angles and high brightness/contrast, your images and messages will keep all eyes on the screen. At this level of performance, take advantage of multi screen displays ideal for corporate lobbies and boardrooms, digital signage applications and trade-show/events, leaving positive, lasting impressions.


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Features such as high Brightness that helps overcome ambient lighting obstacles for distraction-free viewing. Remarkable (2000:1) contrast provides for staggeringly deep blacks and improved color depth. Includes a fan-based thermal protection technology with internal temperature sensors. It also has an optional protective panel allowing displays outside near high-traffic areas. It has a TileMatrix software built in which allows you to create video walls up to 16 displays in a 4×4 matrix equaling 27ft. diagonal! TileComp works in tandem with TileMatrix to compensate for the bezel width and create a more seamless video wall. With five picture and audio modes you’re ensured the most optimized viewer experience. Plus it has an optional Wall-calibrator video wall calibration solution to make calibrating easier.


The NEC Display Wall Calibrator allows the user to automatically adjust multiple displays used in a video wall so that the color characteristics closely match, thereby creating the visual illusion of a single large display. XtraView+ delivers a wide viewing angle of up to 178 degrees horizontally and vertically up to 89 degrees up, down, left and right with less color shift and without any glare, reflection or distortion suitable for a large monitor stand. AmbiBright automatically adjusts the back-light depending on the brightness of ambient lighting conditions. Also allows the monitor to be set to automatically enter a power-saving mode when the ambient lighting falls below a predetermined value i.e. when office lights are shut off at the end of the day, which can significantly reduce energy expenses.