Multiple Screen Task Bars

“Give someone a second monitor, let them use it for a while, and then try to take it away. It just isn’t going to happen.” Suzanne Ross, Microsoft Research

If you never tried multiple monitors and you have resources to get another monitor, maybe a dual monitor video card, I say GO FOR IT! “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” Or so they say.

However there is just thing that might not be as heart-warming as seeing little daughters birthday party photo, on the dual monitor wallpaper. That is the fact that for those of us who use Windows (and I’m fairly positive about Macs too) might need to use some type of dual monitor software to get the over all experience. Even if you purchased a dual monitor adapter, you will still want to try some of the quirky little features of something like “Ultramon” from Realtime Soft.

They provide a free trail version of their multiple monitor interface solution on their site. I checked it out and one thing that I really like about it is the fact that my Windows task-bar is now a multiple display task-bar. The crazy thing is that it’s so easy when everybody tries to please me. Not only did get me a great multiple monitor computer but Ultramon got me a simple easy to use application that makes my multi screen display work seamlessly like one.

I mean here we have a a program that although small is not so little. This great little software will enable you to multi-task better than ever before with your multi screen display. Every day more and more people use more than one monitor, and the great thing about this little program is that it lets you make your screens extremely personal to your needs.

Two of the best features, I think, is the Taskbar Extender, and the ability to stretch a quicktime video across dual screen monitors and not loose any picture quality. In fact it sometimes gains picture quality to make one big screen. With the Taskbar Extender, the once ordinary windows single monitor taskbar extends across multi screens and displays the application in the monitor its on. That’s better than having to always go back to the main monitor to find a application , usually among many others, in the taskbar.

One thing is for sure. This little program compliments my multiple monitor computer and helps me to be more efficient while using it. After all, with all the time spent on the computer shouldn’t we make best of the time?

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