Multi-Monitors Win!

What exactly does the term “Multiple Monitors” refer to?

Multiple Monitors, also commonly known as or referred to as Multi-Screen, Multi-Screens, Multi-Monitor Display, and Multi-Monitor Displays are all synonymous terms referring to the use of more than one monitor. It may be a mystery as to how many different terms we can think of when we refer to any Dual Monitor Setup or larger to be connected to a single computer, and controlled by a single mouse and keyboard. This type of Multiple Monitor setup allows you to visually interface with more than one program at any given moment in time, as well as compare charts, and use the “copy and paste” function across a Dual Monitor Wallpaper without the need to install additional expensive and unecessaryover priced and over rated Dual Monitor Software.

Do multiple monitors increase productivity?

Do you remember that old saying we heard as a child and can still hear it ring on. Even in todays fast paced superhighway people still know that “two heads are better than one”. We the same aspect literally applies to your display setup. I have been using Multiple Monitors for years, and I have noticed a true increase in productivity, every time I upgrade to a system to support more monitors. It’s true that Dual Screens are better than one. Another great thing about it that you do not even need extra software necessarily. So far I have three monitors on my main computer and two on my side kick pc upstairs. You can get a Dual Monitor Video Card and add another monitor fairly easily, or if your graphic needs aren’t so high you might even get by with using only a Dual Monitor Adapter for adding a Dual Monitor. Many people who have never used a multi-monitor PC may not understand the true advantage of this technology, and dismiss the idea as novel. On the other hand, an individual who utilizes multiple monitors knows about the power of visualization and organization, and feels as if they have discovered a wonderful secret for business multi-tasking.

Multiple Monitors for Day Traders

Ask any of those who Trading Computers and they will tell you that when it comes to staying up-to-date means staying open to new windows. That in itself is a big testament to how useful and productive you can be with multiple monitors. If the Wall Street big dogs are using them, you know it’s going to be an effective tool. In fact, using multiple monitors for stock trading is guaranteed to make you a better trader.
Back when I used to take calls from Day Traders, they would always prefer a single machine that could support a Multi Monitor Taskbar and more times than not they would choose the Power Trader Pro offered by Super PC. Talk about one hotrod of a personal deasktop computer, the Power Trader Pro probably stands as the best Trading Computer on the market. For Example: You can view charts on one screen and run your trading software on another all at the same time. If you use more than two screens don’t worry aboiut it! You can watch your live news streams on a third monitor or perform internet research without the risks of losing your current view. You can even copy and paste across all the monitors you have going, rather than maximizing and minimizing windows over and over again and again.