Iphone Capabilties Shine With Multiple Monitors.

Technological advances in the area of video and digital displays have evolved rapidly over the past decade. Just walk into a typical retail outlet, and you are practically immediately caught up in a wave of creative digital technology and the power of this new visual advertising medium.

According to Macworld there are 2,920 photography apps available in the App Store, and more are being added every day. As one could imagine, sorting through and testing each new feature- faux film filter, cropping, and tilt-shift tool- can become a job in itself. Fortunately iPhoneography.com, a blog founded by Glyn Evans back in 2008 has narrowed it down for us.


Here are Evans 6 favorite iPhoneography apps as posted by Macworld today.

  • Perfectly Clear: An instant photo correcter that sharpens and brightens any iPhone photo. At a cost of only $3 it will give you a split-screen to provide a before and after versions of your image. Its said that even when you think you have a decent image before it may usually looks dingy compared to the final product. Various settings including exposure, sharpness, and contrast can be adjusted.


  • Hisptamatic is the latest craze among vintage-film-loving iPhoneographers. What starts out as a (cost$2) app, this nifty app takes the analog/iPhone connection to another level by adding unpredictable (and irreversible) film character to photos by turning your iPhone screen into an old film camera with interchangeable film, flash, and lens options. You may also purchase additional “equipment” from within the app, 216 possible effect combinations in total.
  • The Classics: AutoStitch and Color Splash have been available in the App store for quite some time already, but their popularity hasn’t waned. Each one of the apps do exactly as their names suggest. AutoStitch (cost$3)creates panoramas from a deries of overlapping iPhone photos. Color Splash (cost$2) turns your entire image black and white and allows you to selectively pick what colors to bring back.
  • The B&W Apps: There are a vast amount of black and white photo apps in the App Store and before too long they start to run together making it hard to tell one from the other. Evans has two “go-to” favorites he uses on his own images. 1.Spica-Super Monochrome (cost$1) does one thing best. It can turn your image into a grainy, high-contrast, black and white shots that look like they were taken with an old-school film camera. 2.Vint B&W is one part of a series of four apps called Vint. Evan thinks Vint is the overall best B&W app, with good tones and the ability to take nice photos even in dark conditions.

Using modern day multiple monitor technology, you can now get your pictures and/or products branded in a message that will effectively touch more people than has ever been possible. Digital advertising is cost-effective, quickly deployed, remotely updated and managed, and more focused that most other types of media. Get spectacular eye-catching effects that can reach your target audience even better than previously imagined.

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