How to Build a Good Quad Monitor Display

 How to Build a Quad Monitor Display 

If you’ve just added a couple dual monitor video cards to your PC and you already have a computer monitor, I suggest buying matching monitors.  Four monitors of the same make and model would eliminate annoying differences in color, brightness, and balance.  As a minimum, they should be of the same size and resolution.  In order to give yourself the most flexibility in the connections, be sure to get monitors that have both the VGA and DVI capabilities.  There are cables and dual monitor adapters that can work out most differences.

Organize Your Multiple Monitors Right the 1st time

A good quad monitor display needs to have a good stand.  You can find models that will branch out horizontally to give a great panoramic view (ideal for game enthusiast).  Most prefer the two over two cube arrangement with less need to turn the head to see various screens. 

Go to Someone that Knows

The Multi Monitor Store, has flexible quad monitor arrays that let you easily angle the monitors for better ergonomics.  It’s important that the monitors match the mounting holes for the stand.  VESA is the standard mount patterns used by most stand manufacturers, however it’s not always the case that all monitors are VESA compatible.  Otherwise, be sure to confirm your monitors will mount properly before you buy them by confirming they’re VESA.

Assemble with care

Once you have your stand and monitors in place, simply screw the four bolts in the back of the monitor to the front of the stand.  Be sure to tighten until firmly snug, and refrain from over tightening.  Over tightening can cause stripping of the screw head.  Adjust the monitors so that little space is in between and tighten.