Healthy Tips in Multi Screen Computing

Functional Taskbars for All Monitors!.quad monitor display

Two of the best features, I think, are the Taskbar Extender, and the ability to stretch a QuickTime video across dual screen monitors and not lose any picture quality. In fact it sometimes gains picture quality to make one big screen. With the Taskbar Extender, the once ordinary windows single monitor taskbar extends across multiple monitors and displays the application in the monitor it’s on. That’s better than having to always go back to the main monitor to find an application, usually among many others, in the taskbar. Click title to read more..

Relieve Productivity Stress w/ Dual Screens

Let’s take in to consideration some thoughts on sufficient use, or lack of, our time. Our daily schedule is filled with chores, and things to do. The modern day revolution of technological breakthroughs in office/business/personal needs can often become hard to keep up with. All in all, the more we can get done in an hour, the better, and not the other way around. With that in mind, consider a dual monitor video card. Click title to read more..

5 Efficiency Tips for Dual monitors

Remembering back when I originally switched to a dual monitor setup to gain efficiency online, I know I’ll never go back. The productivity benefits came not only in apparent gains but actually relieved stress and tension associated with my increasing frustration. Frustrations that stemmed from the “single monitor blues” that is. Of course I have written about how easy it is to setup a multiple monitor system including but not limited to adding a dual monitor video card, to using a dual monitor adapter. So we already know how easy it is to create multiple monitor displays. Now we’re going to look at how to make the most of your multiple monitor setups. Here are 5 tips on efficiency using dual screen monitors that have worked for me. If you have a multi screen computer these tips will benefit you as well but to keep it simple this blog will address dual monitor backgrounds. Click title to read more..

Mounting Dual Monitors

Whether you used a dual monitor video card or a dual monitor adapter, when it comes to the dual monitor setup, you should know that dual monitor wallpaper will not display quite right unless you have your dual monitor display setup on a Dual Monitor Mount. Click title to read more..

New Multiple Monitor Owner Professes Love at 1st byte!

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I recently purchased a new computer from, which is the home of the computer brand, Super PC. I have been eyeing one of their multi-monitor displays for some time now as I do a lot of multi-tasking on my day trading computer i.e., multi-tabling poker play, video gaming, and I enjoy having the extra work space on my multiple monitor display so I am not constantly switching back and forth from window to window on the task-bar. I purchased their Nuclear Workstation Computer. The one I purchased supports up to 6 monitors and is a beauty of a machine. Click title to read more..