Geek It Up With A Multi Monitor PC!

The days when nerdy computer geeks isolated themselves in fear of persecution are far behind us. Today Bill Gates still reigns as the savior of geeks all around the world, and with all due glory. Now that many so-called “computer geeks” are becoming wealthy, the age of ostracizing the computer savvy is coming to an end. Although the road to true computer geekdom is long and torturous, the benefits are well worth it.

One of the first steps towards being tech savvy is by updating your current computer system to something worthy of the term “state-of-the-art” or replace it all together. Your PC should support multi screen displays. Not only do they look very impressive, but also serve the purpose of multi stream computing the way a true techy would.

Upgrade your PC by adding a little RAM (random-access memory) and install a dual monitor video card or two. A dual monitor adapter is available for those who don’t want to invest the farm on upgrading a already failing system, and/or on a new system. Adding another hard drive would give you plenty of storage space and free up stress on your main drive.

Get a real dual monitor setup from the Multi-Monitor Store at No need to purchase expensive multi monitor software if windows and good graphics cards will do fine.

A multiple monitor PC will have you shining like a knight of armour when you can pull up research while watching YouTube videos simultaneously. Sure you can say that you know how to upgrade RAM, but with a multi monitor display, seeing is believing.

“Easy Setup, Relative Affordability”

“Beyond the stellar productivity rewards and the obvious geek cred, there’s yet another cool thing about a dual-monitor setup: It’s easy to put together.”

Tom Mainelli, PC World

Dual screen monitors takes you from crawling to walking upright instantly, however if you want to zip through multiple applications simultaneously in a flash, go multiple screen display. The less you have to toggle through windows, the more efficient you’ll operate. Thus becoming a bonafide computer geek.