Gates In The Office

Bill Gates

In a recent blog Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates may have his hands plenty of dough but it doesn’t come easy. In fact he wrote in a recent blog about how he juggles hundred’s of email from colleagues, customers, and partners with a triple monitor display desktop computer. Of course he’s going to be using Outlook 2007 for the job. He says he keeps the Outlook Inbox open on the screen to the left so he can see new messages as they come in. He goes on to say, “I usually have the message or document that I’m currently reading or writing in the center screen. The screen on the right is where I have room to open up a browser or look at a document that someone has sent me in e-mail.”

As one of the- if not the, richest men in the world, Bill seems to use standard Microsoft products to help him meet his productivity goals. He has all voice mail, faxes, and even instant messages sent to his Outlook Inbox using unified communications technology integrated into Office applications. That also means he can always tell at a glance whether a person he needs to get in touch with is available or not.

He says, “Working with other people efficiently and effectively is more important than ever, not just for Microsoft but for any organization. I find that SharePoint, a software program that enables people to easily create internal Websites so they can collaborate on projects, has become indispensable.”

Each year Microsoft will do what’s called ThinkWeek where anybody in the company can submit a paper about an idea they have to change the way the company works or to pursue a new development project. Back in the day when they relied heavily on printed paper documents it was a challenge to keep up with it all. Now on the other hand, with a Thinkweek website he can browse among articles on his triple monitor system with ease.

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