Double Your Pleasure With A Dual Display

It’s about 4:00 at the local Panera Bread coffee shop and my laptop productivity is tarnished without my typical Multi-Monitor setup at home. At least if I had a Dual Screen desktop I could have Multi-Screens open to view my tasks independant of a tab browser which really gets to me. Especially when I click on a link and it changes my tab with a half written email to my lovely lady and when I page back, I have to start all over again. That really stinks!

I remember awhile back when me a couple friends created our first Dual Monitor system. Yeah little did we know that even with Dual Monitors our cpu might go crazy and sometimes it did. Fortunately it was all well worth having Multiple Monitors any day of the week. At least with a Multiple Monitor setup multi-tasking in Multi-Screen layout allowed for shorter time spent in front of the computer. Primarily because we could surf the net so much faster and more efficiently.

If you haven’t done so already, check out my friends at and check out some of their inventory. they have adapters that can give you Dual Screens instantly. They have great customer service as well, so if you have any questions just give them a call and tell them the MultipleMonitorGuru sent you. That will help us both get free stuff! Well maybe that’s just wishful thinking but you just never know.