Customer Service Becomes A Cinch with Multiple Screen PC’s

Are your customers demanding more than you can keep up with? Are they demanding more for less? Of course they want world class products and services, we all do. If you can’t provide what they want, they will find someone else who can. Customer loyalty is a myth that was formed in the mist of our distant past. Operating on a single computer monitor can be a customer service handicap.

We must be closer to our customer than ever. We must provide great customer service.

Core system fundamentals of customer service have been packaged up and integrated into corporate America for over two hundred years. However the main principal is universal. Fill the Needs of the customer. If your customer service rep. has a multiple monitor display when addressing the customers need, he or she will be better enabled to provide those needs.

Definition of Customer Service:

According to the ACA Group,, customer service is the ability of an organization to constantly and consistently give the customer what they want and need. The ACA Group is an alliance of highly trained and experienced consultants and instructors providing Consulting Services, Training & Education to a variety of manufacturing and service organizations, in both the public and private sectors ranging from five million dollars in annual sales to Fortune 500 companies. The ACA Group defines excellent customer service as the ability of an organization to constantly and consistently exceed the customer’s expectations.

Every desktop in your organization should be multi screen.

This definition goes beyond the traditional way we think about customer service. It covers areas that do not come in direct contact with the customer at all. Manufacturing, purchasing and quality control may never talk to the end user of our products, yet they are vital in meeting the customer’s needs. If we deliver an expensive product that doesn’t work and we deliver it late, that affects customer service just as much as a rude salesperson. The entire enterprise must pull together to provide excellent customer service

Replacing your aging fleet of soon-to-be-obsolete computers with a new multi monitor setup, may be just what you need to save money and make your business more efficient.

Microsoft Windows Vista has built in multiple monitor software.

One of the biggest advantages to having a multiple computer monitor system is the amount of time and effort saved when doing any type of multi-tasking, i.e. running multiple applications. Rather than minimizing and maximizing windows to switch between applications, simply turn your head from one monitor to the other.

For example, having a dual monitor wallpaper would increase your display real estate by 100%. Add an extra monitor by purchasing a dual monitor video card or dual monitor adapter and installing on your existing pc’s or purchase new multi monitor computers from, an industry leader in multiple diplays.

If a customer calls and your Rep is working on a triple monitor array, then he/she could have Internet Explorer running on the left monitor and Word running on the center monitor, and a order form on the right. If your customer has an unusual inquire, simply type a few notes in Word and then copy and paste to search relative information in the web, or within your own intranet.

Improving customer Service can start by improving the Customer Service Tools. We’ve probably had the the basic fundamentals down for some time. The only thing is technology is a constantly changing environment. If you don’t change with it, it will ultimately leave you behind.