Adam or iPad | You Decide.

If you ever need to break away from the office and still maintain your computing necessities, you might already be wondering about a tablet PC.

If you think the iPad is something that you might consider buying, then you may want to consider its main rival competition. Introducing the Notions Ink “Adam” tablet an Android-based device using the latest-gen NVidia Tegra chipset and an innovative low-power consuming display from a company called Pixel Qi’s. So how might this new contender hold up against its favored opponent the iPad?

From all known accounts, it looks like a good chance iPad has met it’s match. Everything from size to functionality seems to be improved on the Adam.

One particular quality to mention in the Adam is the battery life, 16 to 160 hours! 160 hours of course isn’t with the backlight mode on but still that’s pretty good compared to the iPad which has up to 10 hours of surfing on the web.


The screen size for the iPad is 9.7 inches and the Adam boasts a 10″ inch Transflective LCD which is remarkably clear even in the sunlight. Several videos are now available and the Transflective screen really does wonders in the sunlight. Also Adam is capable of outputting to a dual monitor with 1080p HD video whereas the iPad maxes out at 576p/480p via its optional component cable. This may be somewhat bizarre considering though the iPad has a little bit of an advantage with the on board display being 1024 x 768 vs. Adams’ 1024 x 600.

Another very cool feature about the Adam is that it houses a 3MP Autofocus camera that can pivot 180 degrees to face the front or rear of the device. The camera allows you to video (say for live presentation or class) and take notes simultaneously. The iPad for whatever reason doesn’t have a camera and some other tablets either don’t have one or may even have two, one for the front and another for the rear.

On the back side of the Adam it has a track pad much like the touch pad on your laptop however it’s in a position where your fingers are naturally located when holding the tablet. This makes it easy to use when surfing in browser that may require you to click links and so forth without having to bring your hand around to tap the screen for every link.

Over all the Adam looks pretty nice. Some things like the track pad being located on the back roughly where your left hand would be. Maybe they’ll come out with a special one for slower right handed people:)

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