Get the Dual Monitor Setup

Dual LCD Multi-Monitor Array (w/ Modified LCD Monitors)

 Conserve desk space by suspending two flat panels on a single base. Easily view multiple screens at once to increase productivity. Comes with the Dual LCD Stand and dual LCD Monitors. Choose your LCD size and brand above! This item is recommended for use with any multi-tasking duty. Click here to see more dual monitor displays.



  • View multiple displays simultaneously with Paraview Technology
  • Position monitors for maximum productivity. Curved for angled veiw.
  • Cable management system organizes and routes LCD monitor cables
  • Low-profile base saves desk space and creates a larger virtual desktop
  • Choose from various LCD sizes; slide displays so screen edges align
  • Aluminum steel construction creates an extremely solid/stable platform
  • Amazing 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty for LCDs & 5 Years for Stand!


Ultimately it just comes down to a handful of things to look out for when setting up a multiple monitor system. First thing is you need to determine if you can use a dual monitor adapter, dual monitor video card, or just a new system all together. This can be determined by taking into consideration how old your current system is and is it worth the upgrade. What is you upgrade budget looking like. If you have questions call the friendly staff at Super-PC or just visit their site at


Just about everything you need to know to setup your Multiple Monitor Display can be found on my dual monitor setup using windows article. Now you can finally see yourself as a picture of you leaning back in the chair lounging peacefully on the old wood floor as a Dual Monitor Wallpaper. Or you can even go a step further than that. It all depends on the individual as to what type of Dual Monitor Backgrounds he or she may or may not use. In a world that strives to be politically correct, it’s good to know that there’s a Multi-Monitor Display on your desk to show all the different colours of diversity simultaneously!